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Covering Anderson County - Palestine, Frankston, Elkhart, Montalba, Tennessee Colony, Tucker, Cauga, Neches, Slocum

Shop Palestine First Family

What Do I Get?

Not just another newspaper or radio ad! (SPF) is unique in that it is locally owned and operated by small business just like yours.  And, we market exclusively to the local Palestine shopper via radio, local print and snail mail, and…online of course!!  

We are “branded, local, and live“! This puts YOUR business in front of hundreds/thousands of local shoppers that are looking for local deals! We are a local small business that is dedicated to offering local small businesses an affordable online marketing platform!  

When you place your business’s interactive ad on SPF, you’re not just placing an ad that people might look at. Our website is the locally branded go-to site for Palestine area shoppers. Why? Because the ads are Value Loaded! And because they are interactive! People don’t just SEE your ad, they are able to click on it and print your valuable coupon right on the spot! AND, with another click of the mouse, they go directly to YOUR website (if you have one)! And, it’s ALL handled for you. You don’t have to do a thing! But that’s not all.

Desktops, laptops, notebooks, and smartphones! These are today’s marketing mediums! Is YOUR advertising wireless?”

When you place your interactive ad on the SPF website, you’re not just getting advertising! You are getting an Internet marketing company that is dedicated to helping YOU develop a profitable online presence. Because when your business does better, Palestine does better! We pretty much do it all!

Need a website? We offer VERY affordably priced website development from a basic five page site, to full-blown online stores. Need a digital logo? We can help you with that too!

Have something that you want to sell online but don’t want to mess with Ebay? You can put it on our online store and, for a small commission, we’ll sell it for you.

Planning a special event?  We can add you to our Shoppertunistic Event page (click the van on the Home Page) for no extra charge.

We have everything that you need to move forward in the digital marketplace. Let us help YOU! We have the knowledge and experience to help move YOUR business forward in the Online Marketing world!

Just fill out the contact form, or call us, and let our Online Marketing Experts show you just how EASY it is to put your business on Very affordable, easy, local and online! That’s!