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Desktops, Laptops, Notebooks and Smart Phones Today’s Advertising Mediums! Is Your Advertising Wireless?

We market directly to the Palestine market area and we utilize all manner of advertising mediums to get our name, and our brand, out there into the marketplace.  This includes radio, Internet, snail-mail, and local print media with billboard advertising planned in the near future.  Having your business name, logo, and offer on our website literally guarantees exposure to literally thousands of shoppers weekly, (if not daily) and the more valuable the offer that you advertise, the more traffic you are going to generate through your business doors, or website.  Simple math tells us that this transforms into more Gross Revenue for your business.

Our Concept is Simple

Offer the shopping public value-based incentives to visit your store or website, and then develop a customer relationship with them.  Isn’t that what advertising is supposed to be all about anyway?

Simple Math

“Simple math tells us that this transforms into more

Gross Revenue for your business.” is a website designed to do two things!  First, and foremost, it is a platform designed to give the small business owner/operator a high profile, affordable advertising medium that is value based for both the business owner/operator, and the general buying public. One that actually works that is. Second; (SPF) is designed to be an easily accessible, highly popular, and irresistible treasure trove of value for the shopper.


Based on the marketing concept of “Magnetic Marketing”, SPF is a highly valuable marketing tool for the savvy business owner/operator that is designed to make your advertising dollar stretch further and, most importantly, produce results!


With our marketing campaign and your value based offers, is destined to become a household name and a highly sought after marketing platform for both the buyer AND the seller in the Palestine shopping area!

“Finally… advertising designed BY small business, FOR small business!”

Why You Should Advertise On

Here at the ShopMyTownFirst family of websites, we too are small business owners and we understand the need for affordable, effective advertising with measurable results. In response to this line of thought, we guarantee the business owner two things:

1. Affordable Monthly Advertising Rates:  For about a dollar-a-day, and an affordable one-time set up fee, you can have your business name, logo, and offer on our highly advertised local marketing website. That’s right! For less than a cup of coffee a day, we can help you brand your business in the minds of thousands of local shopper. We put YOU in front of YOUR customers that are looking for YOUR product!

2. Unparalleled Customer Service: As business owners ourselves, we understand what “customer service” is supposed to be! And, we fully understand that you are a busy person and don’t have time to be fussing over things other than your customers. That is why we are driven to make advertising on the website as painless and profitable as possible without consuming a lot of your time in the process. One email or phone call, and one visit with our Professional Customer Service Rep will usually be enough for us to put your ad together and get it up on the website. Occasionally there is the need for an email or two beyond that, but we strive to make it as easy as possible for you! We strive hard to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by getting things right the first time!

What sets us apart from other advertising mediums is that we were designed exclusively for small business owners to have an affordable coupon/offer-based advertising medium on the Internet that is marketed directly to local shoppers!”  . . . Scott

Contact us and find out for yourself how easy, and rewarding it is for your business to advertise on our highly visible and branded Internet marketing platform.  You’ll be glad that you did!